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Water, Earth, Fire, Air…Long ago, these four nations lived together in harmony, until one day, the Fire Nation attacked. The Ensuing Hundred Year War saw the deaths of the Air Nomads and the enslavement of the Waterbenders. The Avatar, master of all four elements, went missing when he was needed most, appearing a hundred years later, frozen in an iceberg.

However, even with the end of the war, and the following peace, the world could never have known the slumbering horrors that waited beneath the earth and vegetation of their own world; for thousands of years before them, the world had known horror and strife the likes of which, none could have ever imagined…

Long before the world as it is known now, the world was Hell; pockets of hidden Umbrella Corporation bases researched and manufactured Biological Weapons, used to turn people into monsters…and cities, into war zones, the very environment warping to the viral weapon’s twisted nature. Few had the skill and the drive to stand against them; many were in the Corporation’s pocket, and denied any knowledge of these events, even as they unfurled on their doorstep.

As events unfolded, a few of these bases went offline, either destroyed by the weapons they created, or ended by an outside force; many were sealed, trapping those inside forever, having suffered cataclysmic events which trapped some in cryogenic suspension…sustained only by the nominal support systems and the sealed blast doors.
Hell, however unintentional, was about to be unleashed once more, the last remnants of this once powerful global Bio-Weapon developer, overtaken by nature and hidden from the world...

“Hey, guys! Come over here!” Called out an Earth Kingdom scout as he brushed away some vines, revealing a small opening into a dark tunnel. As a few others came over, they also looked into the tunnel, noting it’s decline, “Whoa, think that’s natural?” asked another, stroking his small black beard.

“I don’t know…this area doesn’t get much rain, so there’s no way it was carved out that way….Maybe a bender did it?” asked another, a new recruit too young for his own discernable facial hair. The group leader peeked his head into the tunnel, “Could be…maybe it leads to a cavern of sorts; no idea why anyone would wander way out here though…”

“Maybe it’s a big archeological find or something?” guessed the younger of the group, “You know, the Archeological University of Ba Sing Sae said that they had a researcher go missing…maybe he’s in there? Trapped!” The others looked into the hole, steadily getting worried that the younger may be right. “We really should call this in, what if we need help getting him out?!” cried the one with the gotee.

The group leader looked at everyone, “Good call, but we still need to make sure no one’s hurt down there. Hsu, Lee! You two go inform the local town guards that we may need some help with this. The rest of you are going in with me,” said the scout leader as he pulled out a glow-stone, “Keep a tight formation and watch your step.” He said, taking the first few steps into the darkness…

The tension was almost palpable as they took tentative steps, the sound echoing in the tightly closed tunnel as each made their way down the stone-carved path. Uncertain how long they were traveling, the light of the glow-stone had glinted off something in the descending distance, and as the approached, the stood looking at a reinforced stainless steel doors, bearing an insignia unknown to them…the insignia…of the Umbrella Corporation…


1. I reserve the rights to change any and all rules set forth in this post, unless said rules conflict with site rules and regulations.

2. You have the right to make as many characters as you please, so long as you can keep track of them.

3. No god-modding! While I realize that the very basis of some Umbrella Corporation characters, such as Albert Wesker, pretty much conflict with this rule, it is still, your duty to adhere to this rule within reasonable limits.

4. No OC fighting. If you have an issue with another player, or the way a character is being controlled (via rule three), take it to the PM. However, if you are uncertain of this, you may inquire the opinion of other players, just do so through PM.

5. Cussing is allowed. I realize that the world of AtlA has its substitute cursing, and that is fantastic if you can adhere to that playing an AtlA character, but Resident Evil characters don’t have that restriction, so no need to really force them to do so. Be advised, you must maintain a modicum of decency, don’t cuss just because you can, and be respectful of other players.

6. Breaking the Fourth Wall. This, my friends is something I did a lot of playing Deadpool characters, and if you can find an opening to do so without taking it too far, I'll give you bonus points. Very Happy

7. Collaborating. I, by myself, suck as a DM, GM or Thread Manager, so at any point, if you feel like you have an idea, opinion or a suggestion, then have at it! I look forward to hearing what’s on your mind.

8. No Mary-Sue’s or whatever the male equivalent is. This, in a nut-shell means…No Alice! Ever! When referring to the Resident Evil franchise, use the games and books, but use Resident Evil 4 in terms of a realistic character, as in, you can die if you screw up! (not that I'll be that harsh, but keep it in mind for encounters so you can react and behave accordingly)

9. Canon characters are allowed. Be aware, you are allowed to tweak the character’s however you need to make them to your likening, personality or behavior wise.

10. Romance. While it isn’t generally encouraged, I'm not going to say no. Don’t get graphic and be aware that it’s purely at the discretion of the players *cough* no ZuTara *cough* *cough* no Toko either *cough.* Very Happy

11. Yet again, the reminder: I reserve the rights to change the rules. On a side note, have fun.

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