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Post  Warboss_Spriggs on Thu Dec 09, 2010 3:09 pm

In the year of 2525, on October 7, a day that would live forever in UNSC history as the dawn of a brutal cycle of war, a UNSC battle-group arrived at the Human Colony World of Harvest in the Outer Colonies…the officers, crew, and soldiers of the battle group were stunned and horrified to find that the once lush world had been brutally destroyed… it's very surface burned and charred into glass, all forms of life, animal, plant, and human were no longer on scanners, it's biosphere wiped out, rendering the planet to lifelessness and unable to sustain life, and the cities in the colony were also reduced into nothing but rubble. They then detected a single ship of unknown but undeniably alien design hovering over the decimated world.

Before any form of communication was to be done to identify the unknown intruder, the single ship attacked the UNSC battle group, destroying all ships save for one badly damaged UNSC ship…intercepted communications from the now designated enemy ship identified it's affiliation with the Covenant, a caste driven, theological organization comprising of several alien races. And in it was a message in perfect English that would become the phrase that would truly show the danger the UNSC and Humanity faced.

"You're destruction is the will of the Gods…and we are their instrument."

With that…the UNSC-Covenant War began...

A war that would last for 27 years…

Out of all the 800 worlds colonized by the UNSC, over 260 of those worlds were invaded by the Covenant and those worlds were utterly obliterated, reduced into lifeless balls of glass by the orbital bombardments of the Covenant battle fleets, leaving only 540 worlds still in the rapidly declining grip of Humanity. The Covenant also proved successful in invading and devastating several Inner Colonies' worlds as well as smaller parts of the frontier, and even Eridanus II was destroyed…utterly reduced to glass, the other worlds that fell included Jericho VII, and all the Outer Colonies were completely obliterated. And the assaults on the Inner Colonies began.

It was Humanity's darkest days, outnumbered and out gunned, by the vast horde before them, and unable to match the higher levels of technology of the aliens before them, their fleets were decimated by the armadas of the Covenant Fleets, forcing UNSC Fleets to go closer to the Inner Colonies to protect them and to defend Earth. Only when the battles took place on the planetary surface that the UNSC had the upper hand, relying on their time honed tactics, strategy, luck, and fire power to even up the odds, and though they had gained several key victories…they suffered horrendous losses and were still losing ground.

Just three weeks prior to the fall of Reach, one of the most important UNSC colonial worlds, a team of five Spartans were sent out on a highly classified mission to locate and secure a Forerunner artifact that might be able to turn the tides of this war. This artifact is rumored to be on a UNSC Inner Colonial world, which has been reporting gravitational and slip space anomalies; what hasn't been said, is that the UNSC has lost contact with this colony...


1. Use proper English and grammar; Also, be sure to post more than three sentences per post.
2. No God-modding.
3. If you’re going to swear, by all means do so, just make sure not to bog down your paragraphs with it.
4. No OOC fights.
5. No limit to characters, just make sure you can keep up with them. If you want to play the Master Chief, John-117, just pm me, and we can discuss it.
6. I reserve the rights to change the rules.

If you have read the rules, put "Needs more cowbell!" in your post.


Spartan-II: Halo Wiki

Spartan-III: Halo Wiki Spartan-III

Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST): Halo Wikia ODST


Elites: Halo Wikia Elites

Brutes: Halo Wikia Brutes

Character Sheet

Service Tag:
Faction (UNSC/Covenant/Separatist):

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Post  Warboss_Spriggs on Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:14 am

Name: "Spriggs"
Service Tag: S-231
Age: 26
Gender: Female

Faction: UNSC

Class: Spartan-III

Appearance: Spriggs Cropped blond hair, gray eyes, scar across the bridge of her nose and over her left eye. Armor is white primary and silver secondary; Armor is composed of: Air Assault model helmet, UA/Multi-Threat Shoulder armor, UA/Counter assault chest armor, UA Bracer, and FJ/Para Knee armor.

Personality: Rather unorthodox, she performs her duties as well as possible, often making jokes or sarcastic comments.

History(optional): An orphan of a Covenant attack on the Inner planet Eden, she was abducted by ONI Special Forces to be used in the Spartan-III program.

Other: Veteran of 16 battles with the Covenant; the average life expectancy is one.

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